tory byrnes



Tory Byrnes received her Bachelor of Science in Studio Arts in 2015 from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY with departmental honors. Practicing in both
painting and digital medias, her multilayered images challenge our everyday perceptions of the banal. In addition to concentrating in both communication design and painting as an undergraduate, Byrnes also studied conservation techniques at Studio Art Centers International Florence and drawing at L'Atelier au Château.

Artist Statement

As a painter, I examine human sexuality and sensuality through abstractions of
indulgent images of food, such as jelly donuts. Close details of overlapping donuts, the inclusion of volumes both convex and concave, and the flowing ooze of the jelly through the donuts are reminiscent of human orifices. I hope to propel the viewer into a carnal and unexpected world through a perspective that exists somewhere between representation and abstraction. These objects, jelly donuts, are familiar and even banal.

However, the play on textures, emphasis on curves and textures, and oozing fluid
suggest a newfound intimacy with the donuts the viewer has not previously considered. Titanium white dominates the color palette of each piece and is applied with a pallet knife to achieve impasto and scrape away layers. The physical nature of painting almost exclusively with the pallet knife underscores the carnal nature of human sexuality alluded to in the pieces. Dark, rich crimsons and ultramarines stain the expansive whites forms to further emphasize a sense of contrast, volume, and unfamiliarity within an apparent subject matter.

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