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How to Organize private therapeutic arts classes

Please contact us with the following information:

  • a request for a specific class and instructor

  • 2-3 possible days/times that work for your schedule

  • number of participants anticipated

once your class is scheduled We will require the following:

  • a non-refundable deposit that includes the minimum amount for 1-3 participants within five days of class date confirmation

  • payment from listed participants three days prior to class


email us today at info@silvercirclegallery.com


Termed "Sunday Morning Art Church" by former participants, this workshop series will explore a number of different meditation and mindful practices. Even those with no meditation experience will learn how to still the mind and be fully present in the moment. Current brain imaging research has demonstrated how daily practice can decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and increase a sense of well-being, compassion and empathy. This is a great chance to sample techniques and develop a resource base for home practice.

  • 4 Week Session

  • TBD

  • 9:00am-10:00am

  • Led by Carolyn Wagner

  • $50 per person (includes all 4 weeks)

  • Drop-In Rate: $12.50 Per Workshop

  • Maximum of 12 participants

Meditation with Carolyn Wagner

Participant testimonial:

I could not be more appreciative of Carolyn Wagner's work as a guided meditation practice instructor.  Carolyn offers those in her classes an opportunity to open and train their minds to be still.  The benefits of this are not well understood by most of us. I was brand new to meditation when I started with Silver Circle's Sunday morning program.  After each session, I feel as relaxed and at peace as one does after a one hour body massage!  And no one is massaging anything but the mind and spirit!  At a fraction of the cost of a massage, no less!!  I now practice meditation for at least 10 minutes each day and plan to take part in the next session at Silver Circle. This choice is a direct result of the clarity of thought, peace in stressful situations, gratitude, and awareness that I am gradually gaining from the practice.  Just learning to breathe and allow...it sounds so simple but somehow we have to actually learn this art today.  You never know until you try!  I encourage all of my friends and family who are stressed or battling chronic illness to give this class a chance to help better their life experience. 

tween girls "art club"


In this fun and relaxed environment she'll have the opportunity to make new friends, create art, all the while feeling supported and strengthened.
We'll work with a variety of mediums, with varying degree of complexities, which will ultimately help boost confidence within the group as well as outside the group.

*Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 participants.

  • 4 Week Session, please contact us to discuss!

  • Led by Johanna Pike ATR, CLC

  • $95.00

Therapeutic Art Group for Teen Girls


This 4 week therapeutic arts group will provide teen girls a space to safely explore the use of visual arts for self expression. Participants will be guided through special therapeutic techniques that can help relieve anxiety and lift mood, such as free painting to music, collage, visual journaling and more. No art experience required!

*Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 participants.

  • 4 Week Session, please contact us to discuss!

  • Cost: $95.00

  • Led by Johanna Pike ATR, CLC

Therapeutic Art group for women

This 4 week therapeutic arts group for women will provide a safe space to explore visual art making techniques that can relieve anxiety and promote relaxation and emotional healing. Participants will benefit from an opportunity to connect with one another, as well as to deepen their own sense of identity through the arts. Projects will incorporate journaling, meditation, mandala creation, free painting, and more. No art experience is required!

*minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 participants

  • 4 Week Session, please contact us to discuss!

  • Cost: $110

  • Led by Johanna Pike ATR, CLC

have a heart workshop

  • Organize a custom workshop for your group, please contact us to discuss!

  • 2 hour workshop

  • $35 including materials

Experience the healing power of creating art. No experience is required for this class. It is meant to heal through the use of the creative process itself. Come experience the healing power of art in a safe, uplifting, encouraging, non-judgmental and fun environment. 

This class is perfect for:

  • Anyone in need of healing some aspect of his or her life

  • Professional health care providers to experience the benefits of healing through creativity

  • Anyone who always wanted to try an expressive arts class but felt intimidated



Individual Art Therapy and Life Coaching sessions

with Johanna Pike, ATR, CLC

Gain beneficial insights through self-exploration and art therapy.  Along with individual support from Johanna, you will be able to utilize art materials, interventions, and a variety of resources around self-exploration leading to an increase in self-confidence, problem solving skills, self-understanding, decision making and more. Whether you feel stuck, want to push yourself to reach goals, or feel emotionally drained.  This can be beneficial if you struggle with issues such as anxiety, stress, decision making, self-discovery, transitions, and relationships. It’s time to tackle these issues and make a change!   Ages 14-Adult are welcome!

Self-Pay or Insurance Accepted (Husky and Anthem).

contact us to schedule an appointment