Pat Miller

Bio and Artist’s Statement

Pat Miller’s story is not one of a childhood spent clutching colored pencils, nor a lifetime of intensive artistic training and creation. Instead, her life as an artist began in her middle years, after illness forced her to abandon her academic career.  Since then, she has devoted herself to seeing and embracing the visual world—and sharing her sense of wonder at its beauty, humor, mystery, and poignancy.

After growing up in Ohio, Pat transplanted herself in 1971 to New England, where she completed a Ph.D. in literature.  From that background she brings to her visual art an understanding of form, motif, metaphor, rhythm, and narrative.  She first picked up a camera to create digital images of her 3-dimensional work.  Now, her photography ranges from hyperrealism to abstraction, including reflections, landscapes, waterscapes, and wildlife.

Her work at the Silver Circle Gallery covers the spectrum of abstraction—from images that contain clearly recognizable objects or elements to ones that elude identification. These pieces begin with photographs and then move beyond that photographic reality into more lyrical abstraction: realms of energy, light, color, emotion, and fantasy.

Pat Miller has exhibited her prize-winning work in both solo and group shows in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and California, and her pieces live in private collections across the US as well as in the UK, Italy, and Germany.  She lives in Willimantic, CT, and Charlestown, RI.

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