Pat Miller

Bio and Artist’s Statement

After growing up in Ohio, Pat Miller transplanted herself in 1971 to Connecticut, where she completed a Ph.D. in literature.  After decades as a teacher, researcher, and writer, she woke up to the world around her and dedicated herself to creating art that is an amalgam of beauty, humor, mystery, and poignancy. Her current work begins with photographs, then moves beyond that photographic “reality” into more lyrical abstraction, into realms of energy, light, color, emotion, and fantasy.

Pat believes that art requires three things of both artists and viewers: a discerning eye, a curious mind, and an open heart. She has exhibited her prize-winning work in both solo and group shows in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and California, and her pieces live in private collections across the US as well as in the UK, Italy, and Germany.  She lives in Willimantic, CT, and Charlestown, RI.

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