Ali Moshiri

Amherst, MA

Born in Iran, Ali Moshiri was educated in England and the US, returning to his native country for medical school. A young and untrained, but passionate, artist, Moshiri’s sketchbook was a constant companion in his spare time. After his residency in Cincinnati, Ohio, Moshiri worked at the Austen Riggs Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts where he met his mentor, Leo Garel, who had been the artist in residence and a pioneer in art psychotherapy. After a period of painting on his own, Moshiri sought guidance and instruction from Garel, developing a relationship that lasted until Garel’s death in 1999.

Moshiri’s work is based on observations from nature, but primarily landscape. His work over the past 15 years, while still based on these observations, has veered toward abstraction, though he does not see it as such. “The ultimate result is that of the paint and the painted surface, in an attempt to capture its own nature without any hints or references to anything external to the painting,” says Moshiri about his work. “I feel music is the highest art form that stands on its own elements and capabilities. I strive to achieve that in painting. Within this framework I do not see my work as abstractions. They are what they are.”

Ali Moshiri has shown at the former Fauve Gallery in Amherst, Image Gallery in Stockbridge, and was represented by Ute Stebich Gallery in Lenox from 1991 until its closure in 2002. His paintings were in the set of Before and After, starring Meryl Streep and Liam Neeson. Moshiri and his family live in Amherst.