Justin Wirtalla

As a Connecticut native, Justin Wirtalla began his visual journey photographing New England landscapes with a 4×5 film camera.  He has since traveled the United States and several countries around the world, exploring the wilderness and making photographs of the natural environment.

Filmmaking was an obvious transition for Justin, combining visual imagery, storytelling, and his passion for music.  He has filmed, edited, and composed music for a variety of narrative and documentary shorts.  He released a full length album in 2013 and recently completed his first documentary feature, “Beer Runners.”

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Filming, Editing, and Music by Wirtalla Visual

After enduring a personal struggle, David April began to search for positive ways to heal himself. Running became his medicine, and that outlet grew into a community where people support and encourage the success of others. Inspired by a Spanish professor's groundbreaking scientific study proving that drinking a beer after a run can hydrate the body better than water, David founded the 'Fishtown Beer Runners.' The Philadelphia based club runs five to ten kilometers every week, ending up at a different bar, where they have a couple of beers and toast to 'The Professor.' David's journey has not only helped others turn their lives around, it has influenced an international beer running movement in Spain, promoting responsible consumption and exercise. Filmed and Edited by Justin Wirtalla Music by Justin Wirtalla wirtallavisual.com