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Jean-Paul Jacquet was born in Ilesha, Nigeria in 1966 to a French Ex-patriot looking to make his fortune as a lumberman and a free-spirited U.S. Peace Corps volunteer. Through a childhood woven from perspectives of Nigeria, France and the green mountains of Vermont, young Jean-Paul sharpened his eye for the distinct differences within and among the simplest of transactions of daily life. Illustrating everything was the baseline from which all of Jean Paul’s intellectual engagement was focused - the food for his soul.

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Having graduated from Syracuse University with a BA, he soon went out to experience the world; traveling Europe with little money and a great amount of guile, he embarked upon a number of adventures. Shortly after returning from Europe, Jean-Paul toured the United States, arranging and creating the stage backdrops for the alternative band Phish during their Y2K Big Cypress Tour.  This ten-month stint, culminated with a climactic show in Florida in December 2000. Post Phish, Jean-Paul established Providence, RI as his base of operations, allowing him to delve more deeply into experimentation with sculpture, a medium he evolved and matured along with his illustrative, and colorful pen and ink works.  

As Jean-Paul looked to stabilize his economic situation and steadfastly invest in his craft, he was presented with an opportunity to share his talent with high school students at the Pomfret School, a private preparatory boarding school, in bucolic northeast Connecticut.  It was at the Pomfret School where he met and married his wife, Beth.

Together, Beth and Jean-Paul developed their passions of sharing cultural and artistic diversity into a summer art retreat program for high school artists. For the past eight years, students have immersed themselves in the character of old French chateaus, exploring artistic perspectives, eating gourmet French food, and enjoying the French countryside. In 2016 Beth and Jean-Paul opened a second session modified for adults.

In recent years, Jean Paul has become increasingly more prolific and diverse in his individual works as well as his highly sought after, privately commissioned works.



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