jacqueline lucier

Dayville, CT

Painting is my passion, even as a child growing up in a large family with seven siblings, all of whom had artistic inclinations; numerous hours were spent sketching with a pencil and paper. Due to tragedy in my teen years, I was unable to further this love of art on the college level. Although taking various classes and workshops later, my focus was on my family and my work for many years. It wasn’t until my children were on their own and my new home had space for a studio, that my dreams of painting seriously were realized. That was almost twenty five years ago.

In those twenty five years, experimentation has been key in my studio. Starting with watercolors, my love of color bloomed…then came oil paint, and my fascination with color and texture and creamy consistency grew, and further explorations in acrylics and their fast drying property and versatility came next. More experimentation in monoprint, encaustic, airbrushing, ink, gouache, and mixed media and collage, sealed my fate of being an autodidact. My studio is filled with supplies for every medium and is a testament to my efforts at being an artist.

My current focus is with acrylics. Their versatility and wide range of effects constantly amuses me. However, my short attention span and curiosity still moves me to go from one medium to another and to keep experimenting. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but it is always fascinating. I seem to thrive on the “what if” factor. Moving between representational and abstraction keeps me from boredom. There is always something else to try, and another technique to explore.

My efforts have gotten my work on the front page of the Reminder “Gold Pages” book, juried into the Slater Memorial Museum Annual CT Artist Exhibitions, a place in local galleries, honorable mention in a Windham Art Exhibit and my work in collections throughout the eastern seaboard including Florida. Being a board member of the Northeast CT Art Guild and affiliation with Silver Circle Art Center has afforded me the opportunity to meet and work with some very fine artists. At this late date in my life, I have learned that it’s never too late to live your dream.

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