Annie Joly

Putnam, CT

Annie paints pictures, takes vitamins and dreams of living in California. A native New Yorker, she takes immense pleasure in having once been mistaken for a Californian.

She has created paintings and Illustration for clients nationwide and has illustrated thirteen children’s books.

 In 1985 she began a series of paintings of a personal nature, images drawn from a mix of dreams, childhood experiences and spiritual and subconscious icons. These pictures began to open a door, a means by which she could begin to understand her conscious experiences from a different perspective. The process is a creative integration, combining both and inner and outer experiences.

Many of her paintings were not created with a specific result in mind; the process of their creation is more like that of a dream, where shapes, color and lines eventually resolve into recognizable images. Her belief is that creating art is a meditative practice, much like poetry or dance.

Annie has been on the faculty at the Art Institute of Boston and the University of Hartford. Presently, she is the Coordinator of the Fine Arts Program at Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, CT.

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