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Webster, MA

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Bold line and geometric shapes imbued with personality and expression characterize Anita Loomis’ work. For her narrative as well as her abstract paintings, she poetically represents themes of communication and familial interconnectedness with a pictorial narrative where shapes, colors, and lines symbolically evoke truths. Her background in architectural stained glass projects for spaces of worship, education, and healing predisposed her to her style of expression. This experience has also imparted to her the significant role that art plays in the places and spaces where we live our lives.

Loomis gained her education from both Framingham State College, MA, where she focused on studio art and the University of Central Florida, FL, where she studied arts management. She has accumulated fifteen years of experience working with stained glass and nearly fifteen more with oil, pastel and watercolor. She has shared her work throughout the North East including Fountain Street Gallery of Boston, the Silver Circle Gallery, CT, Brush Gallery, MA, and Lancaster Arts Association, PA.  She works from her studio in Webster, MA.


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